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io9 exclusive: the "nightmare" edition of the Gun Machine trailer

Director: Siege, aka Clayton Cubitt
Editing, Compositing, Effects: Jeff Dragon
Soundtrack: Meredith Yayanos
Grooming: Katie Wedlund
Wardrobe: Signe Yberg
The Hunter: Joe Heaps Nelson
Additional audio effects: CGEffex via Freesound



Screen grabs from the trailer I directed for Warren Ellis’ new novel Gun Machine. 

I quite like this relatively new genre of online book trailers. I can’t believe publishers weren’t doing this earlier. Were the Scientologists first on the scene?

They offer many of the same challenges as music videos (must relate to or enhance the primary source, and a too-literal portrayal just winds up being humorous) but also present a significant new one: how to pique reader’s interest in the world the novelist is presenting, without too strongly pre-stamping the visual blueprint the reader is normally asked to collaborate on in the act of reading.

And of course Clayton just nails it.


Wil Wheaton Narrates The Trailer For Warren Ellis' 'Gun Machine'

Check out the trailer for Gun Machine on MTV Geek. It’s a thing of hypnotic, illustrated beauty.