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Jen's Book Thoughts Reviews the Gun Machine Audio

The unabridged version of Gun Machine is narrated by Reg E. Cathey and I don’t think they could have picked a better narrator for this gritty, hard boiled police procedural… . Ellis has populated Gun Machine with distinctively rich characters, characters I hope we will see again. Cathey extends the uniqueness of each character through his dynamic aural representations. I experience stories through all varieties of delivery and Gun Machine is a superb crime novel, but I’m especially glad I listened to Gun Machine. This is a top-notch audiobook and a sensational listening experience.

Did you know Reg E. Cathey reads the Gun Machine audiobook? Sample it here.


The Examiner Reviews GUN MACHINE

"Worth reading if you like your detectives sharp and smart and like your killers mean and diabolical."



The Morton Report Interviews Warren Ellis

  1. The Morton Report: One of the things that really struck me about this particular book was a strong sense of place as a living, breathing thing, a historical organism composed of both natural and man-made artifacts and creatures.
  2. Warren Ellis: I was after that sense of standing on the surface of deep time, and history reaching up into the present world. Of American cities, I thought that could be done most successfully with New York.
  3. The Morton Report: How different is working in prose from working on comics for you?
  4. Warren Ellis: Remember, what you see in a comic is just the visible part of the writing. Beneath that, I’m describing every panel on every page in enough detail for the artist to understand what I’m looking for. In a book, however, I’m trying to evoke the image, so that it lives in the reader’s mind—which, perhaps counter-intuitively, requires less specific detail. Broad strokes, texture and atmosphere as opposed to blueprint specificity.

Warren Ellis Has All The Answers

…to your burning questions. Ask away on i09 for the next hour.


The io9 Book Club is in session!

Have you read Gun Machine? Jump into i09’s book discussion. Warren Ellis will be commenting upon the thread on Monday.


"An ambitious story that grapples with New York's violent history in an evocative way"

While you’re waiting for the i09 Book Club discussion of Gun Machine to start, read their review.