From Warren Ellis: “I think I heard about some of the details of this talk before I saw it.  Jones and Schulze of BERG had just seen Kevin—I think I’d just missed him, he tends to swoop in and out of London and I live outside town—and were telling me how Kevin had been telling them about latency realty in New York, people buying properties to best place their servers to talk to the New York Stock Exchange. Algo and money had been on his mind for a while. And then he gave this brilliant, brain-burning presentation at TED. And I watched it several times, and then emailed him and said, ‘some of this is ending up in the book, Kevin.’ And he didn’t even ask for an acknowledgement, which is just as well because I was unable to write an acknowledgements page for Gun Machine in the end. So it’s going here, because this site is going to operate as acknowledgements as much as anything else. Thanks, Kevin.”

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    K that Singularity event in 2029 that’s going to be the REAL apocalypse? Yeah, get in on the ground floor here to...
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    I really need to watch more TED talks. This is fucking insane.
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